What We Believe

That there is one eternal, unchangeable God who has revealed Himself in three persons.

That the Bible is the Inspired Infallible Word of God.

That man was created in the image of God but through disobedience has fallen into sin and is in need of salvation.

That Jesus Christ, God's Son, died for the sins of mankind, was raised from the dead, ascended to the Father in glory, and will one day return and establish and eternal kingdom of peace and righteousness, and that all those who have a faith relationship with Christ will enter that kingdom, and those who have resisted the Holy Spirit's working in their lives until then will experience a Christless eternity.

That the church is the body of Christ, composed of all believers, commissioned to preach the Gospel throughout the world and to baptize and to train Christians in the life of discipleship.

That the Christian is committed to a lifestyle of selfless love as demonstrated and taught by Jesus Christ.

Our Ministerial

    Pastor - Mike Plett

    Youth Pastor - Nathan Plett

    Ministers   - Victor Engbrecht
                        - Jake Friesen
                        - Colin Peters
                        - Harvey Plett
                      - Dan Warkentin

    Deacons    - Don Doerksen
                      - Ray Hiebert
                      - Curt Plett
                        - Matt Plett


Our History

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